Gap Cover Products

Even the most comprehensive of medical schemes does not cover members for all eventualities and under all circumstances.  At Cura we offer between what your medical scheme pays and the actual fee charged by health service providers for private healthcare.


This extends Cura’s standard Gap Cover to include co-payments or deductibles claimed by health service providers for treatment received whilst a covered member is an in- or outpatient.

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GapCo Sub

This option provides the full cover offered by the GapCo MRI option above, but is further enhanced to provide a benefit equal to charges above any sub-limitation imposed by the Medical Scheme for treatment received whilst as an in-patient or for intra ocular lenses.

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GapCo SubCa Plus

In this flagship option, we cover members to the full extent of the GapCo Sub option described above, but then include substantial cover for treatment and drugs for cancer patients, including in-hospital expenses, chemicals, medication and outpatient radiotherapy or chemotherapy, subject to certain conditions.

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Gap Cover Products

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At Cura we are ready to help you enhance your medical cover without leaving your chosen medical scheme. Enjoy the ultimate in medical cover for total peace of mind. Put the fears for excessive hospital cost shortfalls and unforeseen co-payments for medical services behind you.