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In simple terms, what is gap cover?

Gap cover is short-term health insurance policy which provides shortfall cover where doctors and specialists charge above medical aid rates of cover. Gap cover works in conjunction with your medical aid.

Gap cover works by covering the difference or shortfall between what your Doctor charges and what your medical aid pays from the Risk or hospital benefit. You might also want to know why you need Gap Cover? Depending on the option you select, you will also have cover for Medical aid Co-payments, Sub-limits and cancer treatment shortfalls.

Gap cover is not a medical scheme, and the cover is not the same as that of a medical scheme. This is not a substitute for medical scheme membership.

Cura’s Gap cover is available in seven options to give you the best possible solution at the best rates for your specific needs:

Gap Student Cover

Our Gap Student Cover is for Individuals between the ages of 18 and 27 and offers financial cover for health-related expenses at an affordable price for those who have become too old to stay on their parent’s policy but do not necessarily fit the Medical Scheme’s definition of a student. The insured will receive a benefit Benefits mainly covers in-hospital costs with additional extensive cover for those unplanned medical emergencies.

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Gap Basic Cover

Our Gap Basic Cover launches you into the world of Gap Cover, offering essential benefits and covering medical expense shortfalls for Specialists up to 500% of Medical Scheme tariff, co-payments or deductibles claimed by health service providers for treatment received whilst a covered member is an in-patient and a Casualty Benefit. The basic options are the most price-effective Gap Cover.

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Gap Standard Cover

This extends Cura’s Gap Basic Cover to include co-payments or deductibles claimed by health service providers for treatment received whilst a covered member is an in- or out-patient and is further enhanced to provide, 12 Months Medical Scheme premium waiver, Casualty, Trauma Counselling and a Consumables benefit.

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Gap Advanced Cover

This extends Cura’s Gap Standard Cover to include the use of Non-DSP Hospital Co-Payment, Sub-limitation cover (whilst as an in-patient), Sub-Limitation on intra ocular lenses, Cancer Treatment
(For the purpose of this policy outpatient treatment excludes specialist’s consultations), International Travel Insurance and Pathology and Radiology Benefits once savings and/or day-to-day has been depleted.

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Gap Ultimate Cover

In this flagship option, we cover members to the full extent of the Gap Advanced Cover with increased limits per person and further enhanced to provide, Lump sum cancer diagnosis benefit, International Travel Insurance, Cura Gap Ultimate Premium Waiver (Death or Total and Permanent Disability) and Accidental Death Benefit.

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