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Nothing can really prepare one for the immense sense of loss and trauma when a loved one dies. Yet important and potentially costly decisions about the pending funerals have to be taken then; when those who are left behind are least equipped to do that. This becomes even more traumatic when the funds are not available to afford a decent burial. The Cura Funeral Benefit Plan ensures that funeral costs do not become a burden to the family during times of loss. We bring you peace of mind with funeral cover for the whole family.

Our Funeral Policies, underwritten by Constantia Life and Health Assurance Company, a licensed life insurer and an authorised FSP (FSP 49986), is designed to pay claims as quickly as possible, with a decision on the claim within 2 business days, to assist in covering the financial burden by even the simplest funeral.

Funeral Cover is available in two options to give you the best possible solution at the best rates for your specific needs:

Funeral Cover - R30 000

This extends Cura’s Funeral Cover to an extended benefit option with cover of R30 000 per adult. From day one, the funeral benefit is doubled if a life assured dies due to an accident. Our Funeral Cover policy is designed to pay claims as quickly as possible, and a decision on the claim will be made within 2 business days, to assist in covering the financial burden by even the simplest funeral.


Funeral Cover - R18 000

Funeral cover

We believe that a funeral is a chance to honour and celebrate a life well-lived. It’s why we have created a funeral plan that gives you flexibility to choose what’s important to you and your loved ones, at a price that you can afford.

Our funeral cover is designed to take care of the costs associated with a funeral alone.


Funeral Policy Claiming Procedure

Policyholders need to submit the following documentation, including certified copies as required, to claims@curaadmin.co.za to initiate the claiming process:

  • Give written notice of the claim within 6 months from the date of medical treatment for such incident;
  • Supply in writing any such proof or other information as Cura may reasonably request, which would include:
  1. A duly completed and signed claim form
  2. Certified copy of BI-1663 form / death registration form
  3. Certified copy of Cancelled ID
  4. Certified copy of Beneficiaries’ ID
  5. Proof of banking details
  6. Additional reports where applicable (this may cause a delay in payment of the claim)
  • Any claims in terms of this policy will lapse after 12 calendar months from the date of occurrence of the insured incident provided it is not subject to the outcome of a pending court case;
  • All benefits payable shall be paid to the principal insured member and not the service provider;
  • No benefit payable shall accrue interest.

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