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We specialise in Accident and Health Insurance, Cancer Cover and Funeral Cover. Cura products are available to clients on all open Medical Schemes and most Closed Schemes but are independently provided and are therefore transferable in the event of a change in the client’s Medical Scheme.

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Gap Cover Products

Even the most comprehensive of medical schemes does not cover members for all eventualities and under all circumstances. Do you know what your limits are? And your risk exposure after that?

At Cura we offer affordable cover to help you bridge the gap between what your medical scheme pays and the actual fee charged by health service providers for private healthcare.

Cura’s Gap cover is available in seven options to give you the best possible solution at the best rates for your specific needs. Our Gap Cover includes Gap cover from 400% up to 600% Medical scheme tariff, co-payments or deductibles claimed by health service providers for treatment received whilst a covered member is an in-patient and a Casualty Benefit.

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Funeral Cover

Nothing can really prepare one for the immense sense of loss and trauma when a loved one dies. Yet important and potentially costly decisions about the pending funerals have to be taken then; when those who are left behind are least equipped to do that. This becomes even more traumatic when the funds are not available to afford a decent burial.

The Cura Funeral Benefit Plan ensures that funeral costs do not become a burden to the family during times of loss. We bring you peace of mind with funeral cover for the whole family.

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Cancer Cover

Cancer kills more people every year than AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria combined. According to the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANCA), one out of every four South Africans will be challenged with the diagnoses of cancer of him or herself or of a family member or friend.

With the diagnosis of cancer comes fear and trauma, but also the immense challenge to fight the disease, both mentally and physically. The patient needs to focus on all positive aspects of the recuperating process.

The least of their worries should be the financial strain that comes with high costs related to oncology treatment.  Cura’s Cancer Cover is designed to assist you with these unexpected expenses.

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Life & Health Hospital Cover

When accidents, sickness or death strike, one is seldom truly prepared and equipped for the costs that are due to follow. Belonging to a medical scheme certainly brings some relief, but it never covers all eventualities or costs.

Cura’s   Life & Health Hospital Cover is designed to provide assistance where it is likely to matter most. Not only will it cover the emergency transportation of the patient to hospital, but it goes on to pay clearly defined benefits while in hospital, such as:

  • For each day in hospital, High Care Ward or Intensive Care Unit
  • While under the care of a Specialist Practitioner
  • For each minute in a hospital theatre
  • Where the admission to hospital is for certain specified conditions and procedures, a stated benefit, paid out as a lump sum.

The policy includes a comprehensive range of funeral benefits.

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At Cura we are ready to help you enhance your medical cover without leaving your chosen medical scheme. Enjoy the ultimate in medical cover for total peace of mind. Put the fears for excessive hospital cost shortfalls and unforeseen co-payments for medical services behind you.