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Is medical Gap Cover valid on a specific medical scheme only?

Medical Gap Cover is not only valid on a specific medical scheme. Additional medical Gap Cover can be used in conjunction with any registered medical scheme in the Republic of South Africa.

Can I claim for shortfalls on routine GP visits?

No, once cannot claim for shortfalls on routine GP visits. Only authorised in-hospital services qualify for Cura Cover according to your Cura option’s stated benefits.

My parents are currently registered as adult dependants on my medical scheme. Are they covered on my Cura policy as well?

No, parents do not qualify for registration as dependants on a Cura policy. They may, however, apply for Cura Cover in their personal capacity.

Do my Cura premiums cumulate for SARS Income Tax rebate purposes?

No, Cura premiums do not cumulate for SARS Income Tax rebate purposes. In terms of Section 18(1) of the Income Tax Act, only your medical aid contributions qualify for income tax purposes. Premiums paid on the Cura range of products, defined as Accidental and Health products in the Short-Term Insurance Act, do not qualify for income tax rebate purposes. As such, Cura does not generate annual tax certificates.

I am not a member of a registered medical scheme but have a medical insurance policy. May I apply for Cura Cover to enhance my medical insurance policy?

No, in order to qualify for Gap Cover, you must be a member of a registered medical scheme.

Within what period should I submit a claim to Cura for authorised in-hospital service shortfalls?

Cura must be advised in writing or via a claim form within 6 months of date of hospitalisation.

I currently have Gap Cover with another company. Will I be subject to waiting periods should I cancel and join Cura?

Yes, unless you can provide Cura with the Certificate of Insurance from the previous insurer, and you have no break in cover.

Cover will continue as is on similar benefits, and waiting periods may be imposed on any new benefits only.  

Can I cancel my Cura Policy at any time?

Yes, your Cura Policy may be cancelled by either party at any time by giving a thirty (30) day notice period in writing. 

An incident will qualify for benefits, provided hospitalisation commenced prior to the date of cancellation and all claims are received by Cura within three months after the date of cancellation.

Cover terminates on death of the Principal Insured. However, the eligible registered spouse may continue as the Principal Insured.

This policy shall be voidable in the event of misrepresentation, mis-description, or non-disclosure.

No premium refund shall be made in the case of cancellation of the policy by either party.

Cancellations are acceptable only on an individual basis per policy.

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